Cyclos 4.11.6 REST API reference

The Cyclos REST API is described using Swagger 2.0. The descriptor for the api can be downloaded from This file can be used on tools that support Swagger.

You can also generate a client library, courtesy of Just fill in the language / framework you want to generate:
This is a quick way to generate a client library. For more options, visit the online swagger generator.

In the API, whenever some data is referenced, for example, a group, or payment type, either id or internal name can be used. When an user is to be referenced, the special word 'self' (sans quotes) always refers to the currently authenticated user, and any identification method (login name, e-mail, mobile phone, account number or custom field) that can be used on keywords search (as configured in the products) can also be used to identify users. Some specific data types have other identification fields, like accounts can have a number and payments can have a transaction number. This all depends on the current configuration.

Below is a list of all available REST urls handled by the API. Each one has a "Try it out!" button that can run the operation live. If you are going to perform any of these operations, please, select below the authentication method to be used.

For details of the deprecated elements (operations and model) please visit the deprecation notes page for this version.