Cyclos 4 Demo

At this site you can test the Cyclos4 demo. You can register by selecting the Register link at the top right of this page. If you have already registered (or if you want to login with the pre-configured demo account) you can select Sign-in. The only thing needed for signing up is a valid e-mail address. Be aware that the demo users have only access to the end-user environment (not the administration section).

The Social Trade Organisation offers a free community currency service based on Cyclos4. Local administrators can create and manage their own community currency network. For Banks, Barters, Micro finance institutions and larger projects
Cyclos 4 PRO is available. Cyclos 4 PRO can be downloaded here.

Cyclos 4 communties administrators can enable the integrated SMS module that supports all common SMS banking operations. A smartphone app that can be downloaded here will work 'out of the box' as well for the demo as for all community users.

If you encounter any problem with the Cyclos4 Demo please report it at our forum.