Cyclos 4 Licence

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© Cyclos - - Cyclos is a project of the (non profit) Social TRade Organisation -

Cyclos is developed to stimulate and empower local and regional economies. By enabling a decentralization of banking services or providing modern tools to complementary currency systems.

Cyclos is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Cyclos 4 license

The license of Cyclos 4 will not be Open Source like the previous versions of Cyclos were (Cyclos 3 and lower). The main reasons is that the development of financial software requires considerable financial resources. In the past we were fortunate to receive grants from several institutions (the Dutch Government, IDB, DOEN), but presently there is not sufficient funding available. Our current investors suggested a business model that allows the development costs to be shared among the larger users (that can afford it financially). STRO is working towards a business plan with a commercial approach, which at the same time will allow social initiatives to benefit from a free version

  • The Cyclos3 version will be maintained (bug fixes only) and will remain Open Source.
  • Cyclos4 will be free for use for organisations with a social mission.

All icons shown on the website are copyright and owned by Cyclos with the exception of:
  • The Silk icons from fam fam fam, we are very thankful making these great icons publicly available (CC Attribution 3.0,
  • Zoom-3 icon (Nuvola,, LGPL-2.1).
  • Money icon (Aha-Soft,, CC Attribution 3.0).
  • User icon (Aha-Soft,, purchased).
  • Knode icon (YellowIcon,, GNU/GPL).
  • View-pim-contacts icon (Oxygen,, CC-BY-SA 3.0 or LGPL).
  • People icon (Aha-Soft,, purchased).