This page is an example of a content page. A community administrator can create new content pages and place them under a menu or sub menu (which can also be created). It is possible to create & show different pages for different user groups. In the same way pages can be created for the smartphone app.

On-line banking
  • Register on-line (optional registration agreement)
  • Home (dashboard) page with status overview, quick access icons, message board
  • On-line client profile (client information, images)
  • Payments (normal, installments, scheduled, authorization levels)
  • Account summary / history, print & export payments lists
  • Personal alerts & notifications
  • References and transaction qualifications
  • On-line request forms (e.g. loan request)
  • Personal documents, group documents
  • Manage account operators (a user can create operators and give them permissions to do specific tasks)

  • Market place (offers & wants)
  • On-line (rich text) editor
  • Advertisement matching alerts
  • Shopping cart
  • Stock management
  • Promotional price
  • Contact list
  • Messaging module
  • Advertisement questions

Mobile banking (coming soon)
  • Sign-up via mobile
  • Payment to other users or administration
  • Payment request (two-way payment)
  • Retrieve account information / browse through transaction history)
  • Info texts (texts managed in Cyclos can be retrieved by mobile)
  • Notifications & alerts (personal alerts and general alerts & notifications)
  • Mailings (from administration and agents)
  • Bank and Telecom provider independent
  • Optional OTP (One Time Password) for all commands
  • Custom operations (programming interface that allows adding new operations)

System administration & configuration
  • Dynamic system configuration (support for various economic models)
  • Define custom fields for users, advertisements, loans, payments, member records
  • Account & user management
  • Import tools (users, advertisements)
  • Content management (translations, pages, images, styles)
  • System alerts & logging
  • Reports & Statistics
  • System tasks (e.g. set system offline, indexing)
  • Automatic upgrades (version check on initialization process)
  • Strong security (bank level security implementation)
  • API (application programming interface) for communication with third party software.